Gabhran Creek Adonis

ADGA# PD2156726

Sire: Oak Apple Spartan

Dam: GCH 5 Fold Farm SCC Princess Poppy 4*M

Adonis 2021
Adonis 2021

Adonis is a lovely young buck that I had reserved well before his birth. His dam, GCH 5 Fold Farm Princess Poppy 4*M, lived here for her first freshening and was sold to Gabhran Creek. She really blossomed under Tanya’s care and earned her permanent championship quite easily. I asked to be on her reservation list for a buck as I admired Poppy’s udder and the consistency of the udders in her pedigree as well as in the pedigree of Oak Apple Spartan, Adonis’s sire. So I couldnt have been more thrilled when Poppy had a buckling to fill my reservation and as a bonus, he is a couclair/chami combo which was the exact color I was hoping he would be. He is just so stunning to look at. I am so happy that he is here and thankful to Tanya Callison for allowing him to reside here at TUA Farms.

GCH 5 Fold Farm SCC Princess Poppy 4*M photo credit Gabhran Creek Nigerian Dwarf Goats

SGCH Oak Apple Seria photo credit Oak Apple Farm