Dill’s DRT Dirty Mind *B

ADGA# PD2164302

Sire: Dill’s DL Dirty Deeds *B

Dam: Dill’s PL Vice 6*M

photo courtesy Celtic Pride Farm
Dill’s PL Vice 6*M photo courtesy Dill’s A Little Goat Farm
GCH Dill’s RD Naughty List 5*M EEEE92 (sires dam) photo courtesy Dill’s A Little Goat Farm

Dill’s DRT Dirty Mind *B DOB: 03/27/2021

Dusty was a whim purchase. My good friend Tanya Callison at Gabhran Creek has always had good luck crossing Dill’s lines with her Old Mountain Farm lines. She recommended this buck to me and I have come to trust her opinions. Julie at Celtic Pride in Missouri was selling him and her breeding program is truly note worthy. The Dill’s line has been so consistent throughout the years breeding high quality goats that excel in the show ring and the milk pail. So I bought Dusty and had him shipped here all in less than 1 week. Dusty just seemed to fall into place like he was meant to be. So far I am not disappointed. He is as gorgeous in person as he is in his picture. He has a long bone pattern and such correctness of feet and legs. As a yearling, he scored E in front legs, back legs and back. Overall his LA score as a yearling buck is a phenomenal VVV88. To top it off, he is really a sweet natured guy.