TUA Farms MB Lilliana 2*M +VVV86

ADGA# D2008578P

Sire: Old Mountain Farm M Bold N +B
Dam: Camana RA Uliana 1*M
Lil July 2020
Lil July 2020

TUA Farms MB Lilliana 2*M DOB: 03/06/2019

2020 DHIA 580# milk / BF 41 / pro 28 in 217 days

2021 DHIA 1010# milk / BF 73 / pro 50 in 283 days

2022 DHIA 730# milk / BF 55 / pro 31 in 157 days

Lilliana is polled and a lovely, dairy doeling out of Camanna RA Uliana 1*M. Uliana has been sold and so Lilliana is my replacement. She has improvements over her dam in general appearance and dairyness from her sire. Lilliana freshened with a very beautiful udder with nice shape, nice medial and near perfect teat placement. She also has excellent capacity for a yearling. As a 2yo2F, she has shown increased capacity and production as expected. In 2022 Lilliana developed mastitis and lost function in one udder side. We are hoping that her lovely udder returns in 2023. Lilliana has proven to be a very strong milker finishing her 2022 lactation respectably despite having only 1 working udder side for most of her lactation.