Rendale Kids Brown Sugar 1*M VVVE89

ADGA# D1570464

Sire: Rendale TS Sharp Dressed Kid

Dam: Poppy Patch FC Santa Baby

Rendale Kids Brown Sugar (Zelda): VVVE89 DOB: 5-12-11

2018 DHIA: 791# milk, BF: 47, Pro: 39 in 289 days

2019 DHIA: 540# milk, BF 32, pro 25 in 193 days (Zelda is now retired)

Zelda was our very first Nigerian that we purchased in 2011. She was certainly a lucky find and as a founding doe, she has had a very positive influence on our herd. She has a very nice mammary with excellent attachments. She has very large, well placed teats and exceptionally smooth foreudder. She consistently gives us very nice kids each year. She is not my heaviest producer, but she does have nice, long lactations which easily last 305 days. Zelda did develop mastitits early in the summer of 2018 which affected her lactation volume and made her left udder side very fibrous. Despite her mastitis, she produced 790# of milk and 47g fat in a 270 day lactation. We have treated her and have bred her to kid in February, but further show plans are on hold depending on how her udder comes in after kidding. Zelda kidded in 2019 with a gorgeous single doeling by Old Mountain Farm Stag Party +*B. We feel fortunate to have gotten one last daughter from Zelda and so we have now retired her.

Zelda in 2017, udder not full.
Zelda loves to be a mom. Image with another doe’s kid on her back.