TUA Farms MB Bold N Blonde

ADGA# D2030603P

Sire: Old Mountain Farm M Bold N

Dam: SG TUA Farms CMB Gamora 3*M

Blondie August 2020

TUA Farms MB Bold N Blonde DOB: 04/25/2019

Blondie is a lovely little polled doe kid out of Gamora and M Bold N. She is a very dairy girl who is maturing nicely. she was held over as a dry yearling in 2020. She was shown dry at one show in Lewiston Idaho in August 2020. She placed 3rd under one judge in a really large class of Nigerian yearlings. She has considerable poise with just a beautiful topline and very long rump with exceptional, high thurls. She is a bit nervous however, and did not enjoy her showing experience this year, so I will need to work with her a bit. She will be bred to hopefully kid in February of 2021. I am hopeful that she will inherit her mother’s capacious udder and will to milk.