TUA Farms MB Bold N Moxie

ADGA# D2008573

Sire: Old Mountain Farm M Bold N

Dam: SG TUA Farms SH Smoke And Mirrors 3*M

Moxie July 2020
Moxie July 2020

TUA Farms MB Bold N Moxie DOB: 02/09/2019

Moxie is a very lovely doe that is just very striking in her coloration and her correct structure. She is very dairy, probably the most dairy kid born on my farm in 2019. She has incredible length with improvements in topline, shoulders and brisket over her dam. Moxie kidded with buck doe twins in 2020 and freshened with a nice capacity udder. she has very nice medial and decent blending to the fore. I had hoped that her udder would have been a little tighter into the rear udder, but will see what her 2F udder looks like with more capacity. Moxie has proven to be similar to her dam in production of high components in addition to nice milk volume.