TUA Farms MB Bold Shimmer

ADGA# D2008575

Sire: Old Mountain Farm M Bold N

Dam: GCH TUA Farms BC Party Girl 2*M

Shimmer July 2020
Shimmer July 2020

TUA Farms MB Bold Shimmer DOB: 02/28/2019

Shimmer is a lovely, large framed doe with plenty of dairy strength. She has very wide open ribbing and length/depth of body for a young doe. She is built very much like her dam GCH TUA Farms BC Party Girl. Shimmer freshened in 2020 with a single buck kid. He was over 5# but she delivered him with ease despite being just a yearling. Shimmer freshened with a nice wide udder that is very well attached and has very smooth blending to the fore. Teat placement is a little wide, but her medial is strong and as she gains capacity in the coming years, her teat placement could improve. Shimmer is a little on the tall side for a yearling at 21.5 inches.