TUA Farms MB Tumbleweed

ADGS# D2077121

Sire: Old Mountain Farm M Bold N
Dam: TUA Farms SP Fleur De Violette
Tumbleweed AUG 2020
Tumbleweed Aug 2020

TUA Farms MB Tumbleweed DOB: 02/15/2020

Tumbleweed was a girl that just caught my eye the moment she was born. The strength of her topline and shoulder were characteristics that I knew I needed to retain. She is a little chubby in these pictures, but under the chub, she is a very dairy and very correct little girl. Her dam is a 2yoFF who has impressed me with her will to milk and her long lactation curve. I really didnt need to keep another Embolden daughter, but here she is. She was shown one time this year as a senior doe kid. She consistently caught the judges eyes, placing in the top 5 in very big Nigerian classes. I am anxious to see her mature.