TUA Farms SP Christmas Party

ADGA# D2008576

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Stag Party +*B

Dam: Rendale Kids Brown Sugar 1*M

Chrissy July 2020
Chrissy July 2020

TUA Farms SP Christmas Party DOB: 03/06/2019

Chrissy looks very much like her dam with the exception of greater length of body. Her dam, Brown Sugar, is one of my favorite does to look at. I love her incredible rump structure and great rear leg angulation. So far, Chrissy looks like she will inherit these good qualities from her dam while gaining improvement in length of body and dairyness from her sire. Chrissy was shown as a junior doe always placing 1st or 2nd. Due to Covid 19, Chrissy was not shown in 2020. She did freshen with a nicely shaped and nicely attached udder. She has excellent foreudder extension from her dam and nice large milkable teats. She could have better teat placement and medial, but I am hoping her 2F udder will improve in both of those areas. She has proven to be a strong milker and has held her lactation quite well. I am very optimistic about the future of this young doe.