2019/2020 Kidding Schedule


These planned breedings are not final until conception. There are many reasons for pairs being changed at the last minute, we will inform reservation holders asap regarding any changes.

The reservations are transcribed from a master list. We apologize in advance for any transcription errors!

Listed price is for kids reserved prior to birth. Prices may increase after kidding.
Dates are approximations.
Reservations are listed in order. Reservations are free prior to kidding, however once the reserved kid arrives, a nonrefundable down payment of at least 30% purchase price is required to hold the kid. Balance is due prior to any kids leaving the farm. Kids will receive CDT vaccination at 3-4 weeks and a booster at 7-8 weeks. Kids will receive BoSe at birth. All kids will receive Cocci prevention every 3 weeks. De worming will only be done as needed according to fecal samples. We dam raise all kids, but make great attempts to socialize all kids. Most kids are very friendly when leaving our farm. Kids are generally weaned at 8 weeks for intact bucks, and 10+ weeks for doe kids and wethers. All kids will be able to take a bottle, so if a kid must leave prior to weaning, they will be able to do so. Kids will only be sold on a bottle to people who have experience raising bottle kids. Kids will not be placed in a home where there are no other goats. We reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason and refund any paid deposits.  Owner has the right to retain any kid born to any breeding regardless of reservation status.

Tia x Wesley

Feb 2, 2020

Kidded on Feb 4, 2020 single buck kid (available)

Does $ 500.00   Reservations: 1. LG 2. CB 3. EC-B

Bucks $450.00  Reservations: 1. LG

Planned Pedigree

Lacey x Pilot

OPEN didnt settle

Does $500.00     Reservations: 1. CB

Bucks $450.00  Reservations: BJ

Planned Pedigree

Greta x Stag Party

March 28, 2020

Kidded March 27,2020 2D,2B (all reserved)

Does $750.00 Reservations:  1)DA 2)CD 3)EB 4) KMK 5)DP

Bucks $700.00  Reservations: 1)AS___, 2)_SS__, 3) KMK 4. LH

Planned Pedigree

Polly x M Bold N

March 5, 2020

Kidded March 5,2020 1B, 1(DOA)doe (none available)

Does: $550.00 Reservations: 1)EB 2)MH 3)TC 4)DP

bucks: $500.00 Reservations: 1)SS 2)LC 3)CD 4) TC 5)DP

Planned Pedigree

Jewel x Sans Gene EF Hilander*B

February 9, 2020

Kidded Feb 11,2020 2B,3D (none available)

Does $500.00     Reservations: 1. JA

Bucks $450.00   Reservations:

Planned Pedigree

Gabby x Stag Party

February 9, 2020

Kidded Feb 14, 2020 1B,1D (none available)

Does $750.00   Reservations: 1)VK 2)_TS 3) DP 4)NM__

Bucks $700.00  Reservations: 1)_NM__ 2)____

Planned Pedigree

Sassy x Dill’s B&R Hillybilly Bone

February 9, 2020

Kidded Feb 9,2020 2D (none available)

Does $ 500.00 Reservations: 1. TS 2. EB

Bucks$500.00 Reservations: SA

Planned Pedigree

Meera x M Bold N

April 9, 2020

Does $550.00   Reservations: 1) TS 2)CB_ 3)BJ 4)VK 5)DP___

Bucks $550.00 Reservations: 1) owner 2)SS 3)KHB ___

Planned Pedigree

Violette x Embolden

February 14, 2020

Kidded Feb 15, 2020 1B, 1D (wether kid available)

Does $450.00  Reservations:  1)VK 2)TC 3)LM___

Bucks: tbd   Reservations:  1)RM 2)TC 3)___

Planned Pedigree

Moxie x Stag Party

April 8 2020

Does $400.00  Reservations:  1. TS 2. TE 3)DA 4)BJ

Bucks $tbd   Reservations: 1)RM 2) KHB

Planned Pedigree

Lilliana x Rio

April 26, 2020

Does $400.00  Reservations: 1) owner 2) KG 3)JD

Bucks $tbd  Reservations: 1)RM

Planned Pedigree

Eliza x Stag Party

February 13, 2020

Kidded Feb 16,2020 2D (none available)

Does  $400.00  Reservations: 1)MH

Bucks  $tbd Reservations:

Planned Pedigree

Shimmer x Stag Party

March 31, 2020

Kidded March 31, 2020 1B (available wether)

Does  $400.00  Reservations: 

Bucks $TBD  Reservations: RM

Planned Pedigree

Adagio x RIO

February 27, 2020

Kidded March 1,2020 1 deceased buck, 1 Doe (none available)

Does  $500.00  Reservations: 1)TE__ 2)HG____

Bucks  $450.00  Reservations 1)RM 2) BJ

Planned Pedigree

Gamora x Pilot

April 4, 2020

Does  $500.00  Reservations: 1)KMK 2)LH 3)EB 4) CB 5)BJ 6)DP

Bucks $500.00  Reservations: 1)BJ 2) JP 3)_DP__

Planned Pedigree

Chrissy x Pilot

April 5, 2020

Does $400.00 Reservations: 1)NM

Bucks $TBD Reservations:

Planned Pedigree

Dilly x Flash Drive

April 2, 2020

Kidded March 31, 2020 2D (none available)

Does $400.00 Reservations: 1) CB

Bucks $ tbd Reservations: 1) KHB

Planned Pedigree

Giselle X Hilander

April 28, 2020

Does $ 400.00 Reservations: 1) TS 2)CB 3)JD

Bucks $tbd Reservations: 1)TS

Planned Pedigree