HetlandCreek ILM Adagio +VVV85

ADG# D1947093

Sire: Alethia ET I’M A Love Machine

Dam: GCH Algedi Farm MH Andante 5*M EEEE91

Dagi 2019
Dagi July 2020
Dagi 2019

HetlandCreek ILM Adagio +VVV85 DOB: 3-17-18

2019 DHIA Milk 450# BF 19, pro 18 in 172 days

Dagi is a little doe that I had been waiting a long time to add to my herd. I think she was well worth the wait! She is the daughter of GCH Algedi Farm MH Andante EEEE91. I have admired this doe since I first saw her at the 2015 Nationals. She is truly an amazing doe and I am thrilled to own her daughter by a top producing Alethia buck. To top it all off, Dagi is also just the sweetest personality doe that anyone could hope to have. I am ever so thankful to Hetland Creek Nigerians for entrusting me with this very special doe. Dagi freshened in April 2019 with a very nicely shaped and well attached udder. In 2020, she kidded with twins, but one died shortly after birth, so she raised a single doeling. Dagi is on track to earn her AR milk star this year. Dagi was shown in 2019 at the NWABGC show in Monroe. She placed very well under all 3 judges earning 1st, 1st and a 2nd. She was not shown in 2020 due to cancellation of most shows due to Covid. I am looking forward to showing her in 2021. I really cannot say enough about the potential of this doe and my excitement to own her.

GCH Algedi Farm MH Andante EEEE91 photo courtesy of Hetland Creek and Leisure Time Nigerians.