Elite TUA Farms MB Giselle 3*M VVVV85

ADGA# D2015774P

Sire: Old Mountain Farm M Bold N +B
Dam: SGCH Oak Apple Greta Go Girl 2*M
Giselle show 2022
Giselle udder 2022
Giselle July 2020
Giselle July 2020

Elite TUA Farms MB Giselle 3*M VVVV85 DOB: 03/23/2019

2020 DHIA 670# milk / BF 49 / pro 31 in 242 days

2021 DHIA 1070# milk / BF 80 / pro 51 in 282 days

2022 DHIA 1040# milk / 77 BF / pro 46 in 221 days

Giselle is polled and a lovely and very dairy little doe out of Greta and M Bold N. She is very fine boned and angular. she has very open ribbing and a beautiful long dairy neck. Giselle freshened in 2020 with a beautiful and very capacious udder for a yearling. I was really happy with her capacity and her udder shape and attachments although her teats are a little bit wide. As a 2yo2f, Giselle has increased in capacity and production as expected.

In 2022 Giselle made the ADGA elite list at 97%. She was shown at 2 very competitive PNW shows in 2022 placing 1st 3yo under 3 of 6 judges, and in top 3 under the others including 1 RCH. Giselle is taking after her dam as a hard working milker and a lovely show doe.