TUA Farms SP Sweet N Sassy

ADGA# D1855937

Sire: Old Mountain Stag Party *B

Dam: Camanna RA Uliana

TUA Farms SP Sweet N Sassy DOB: 3-06-17

2109 DHIA: Milk 540# BF 35, pro 23

Sassy was a doe that was sold as a kid in 2017. She came back to TUA Farms in the winter of 2018 and was bred to Almar Acres HS Smokin Hot*B. She freshened in June 2019 with twin bucks. Sassy freshened with a very lovely and capacious udder with very nice shape, rear udder arch and exceptional extension to the fore. Sassy kidded too late to meet her 240 days required to earn her AR milk star, but she did earn a butterfat star in 2019. Sassy is due to kid in February 2020 and should easily earn her AR milk star. She was a very consistent producer for a FF. Sassy missed LA in 2019 due to her late kidding date so I am also hoping to get her LA in 2020. Sassy is a very small stature doe, but very strong on her feet and legs with excellent width and levelness as well as shoulder structure improvements over her dam. I am anxious to see how she develops. She inherited excellent qualities from both of her parents. She is a very quiet and sensible doe who enjoys human contact, but does not go out of her way to seek it.