TUA Farms SP Fleur DE Violette 1*M +VEV87

ADGA# D1932528

Sire: Old Mountain Stag Party +*B
Dam : Oak Apple Fleur De Cerise EEEV91
Violette July 2020
Violette July 2020

TUA Farms SP Fleur de Violette 1*M +VEV87: DOB 3-10-18

2020 DHIA: 1080# milk / BF 77 / pro 47 in 305 days.

2021 DHIA 1060# milk / BF 70 / pro 46 in 264 days

2022 DHIA 920# milk / BF 69 / pro 40 in 259 days

Violette is out of Oak Apple Fleur de Cerise EEEV91 and by Old Mountain Farm Stag Party+*B. Cerise is an Old Mountain Farm Cernnunos daughter, so this little girl is Old Mountain Farm breeding at its best. I absolutely love the general appearance of this little doe. The judges liked her as well, she earned her dry leg at Spokane show in 2018. Violette remained a dry yearling in 2019 and kidded in February 2020 with twins. She freshened with a decent udder, well attached, but could use better teat placement and medial. She has really proven to be a consistent milker however with a nice and strong will to milk. She peaked in volume at 92 days in milk with 4.8# as a 2yoFF, and 6.0# at 26 days as a 3yo2F. She continues to milk strong late into the season. Violette has very correct conformation with a strong, level topline like her dam and nice front end assembly. She is smaller in stature, but very angular and excelling in dairy strength typical of Old Mountain Farm does. Violette is just one of those little goats that makes me smile just looking at her. She has a sweet nature, but yet she is outgoing and full of confidence. Due to Covid, we were unable to get Violette appraised or shown this year. 2021 appraisal +VEV87. Violette is one of the strongest milkers in my herd. She may not hit high peak volumes, but her lactation curve is very long and steady. She could easily milk through and she is very hard to convince to dry off.